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At Illete Fitness we strive to give you your best experience. We can now accept all major credit cards, cash, or check!

Payment is due the first week of every month, payment past the 7th will result in a late fee at a rate of $10 per week of late payment.
Memberships started mid month will be prorated at a discount price, broken down for each day remaining in the month.
Fees will then be due the first week of the next month.

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Illete Fitnesss

Our Mission

We Have Pride

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our community by providing personalized workouts to all types of people.

Our History

Durango, Colorado

Illete Fitness is a local gym that was started at a park in Durango, co. The goal was to get a group of people prepared to run a Tough Mudder. We created a bootcamp that we ran twice a morning Monday Wednesday Friday, rain or shine. The bootcamp was ran through the summer and once the race was performed, we opened up a small gym in the tech center. We did not have enough money to buy new equipment so we used our resources and found equipment that people would donate us, which wasn’t much. From here, we slowly grew into bigger spaces with more equipment. We found a niche that Durango needed, and that was strength and conditioning. This allowed us to target all people that were serious about their health and performance. The idea was to create a space with an exciting environment that caters to everyones needs, so that everyone enjoys the process and progress.

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